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Saturday, March 5, 2011

A little gift - Lin

Lin Htetkyaw belongs to Skoost and sent you a little gift.

Click below to collect your gift:

P.S. This is a safe and innocent gift that Lin Htetkyaw sent from Skoost.

- Skoost

People you may know already using Skoost: Lin Htetkyaw, Raheel Ansari, Mon andamon Ts, Felix F, Sharohei Sharohei, Osva Glez, sara marques ferreira, Soeminthu Soelay, Lidieth Aguero Aguero, BABAR Hussain ABBASI, Majed Salah, viviane porto de medeiros, werea ali, Pmainvestment P, , Horacio Mejia Ortiz...

Skoost enables you to share short messages, virtual gifts and virtual emotions with your friends. Follow this link, http://www.skoost.com/?id=495194640_362424459_1&, if you do not want to receive more e-mails from your friends.

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